True Digital Plus

Launch a high quality VAS Service

Good games
Appland delivers a cloud-based, on-device android games club with virtual currency and loyalty points to True Digital Plus, a division of True, Thailand’s largest digital content provider and third largest mobile operator. “It’s a complementary partnership, Appland contributes technology and economies of scale, True uses its local knowledge and relationship with consumers to create differentiated and targeted content offer, resulting in superior conversion rates, as it is highly relevant,” explained Markus Vikki, Chief Content Officer at Appland.


“The games store is a key component of our strategy. We are gaming pioneers in Thailand, having hosted several world class gaming championships,” said Mana Prapakamol, General Manager of True Digital Plus. The user interface is very flexible and can dynamically be changed from our Content Manager Portal to suit our target audience,” he added.


True Digital Plus’ content offer can be found at:


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