Launch your own Developer Community Platform

Whether you wish to run your own branded developer community, leverage Appland’s general developer community, or combine the strengths of both, we have created a set of tools that makes the management of the apps and developers on the platform easy.

It’s easy for developers to submit apps

The Appland Platform comes with a Developer Portal out of the box. Developers can easily set up an account and then upload one or multiple apps. All apps are automatically scanned for malware, viruses, adware and riskware. Developers are able to define price, main category, sub-category, marketing options and app support options. Once an app and promotional collateral, such as descriptions, screenshots, videos and images are uploaded you can review and then approve or decline the app.

Quality assured content with the built in process

When a developer has submitted a new app you can see it in your Store Manager Portal. To make it easy for you and your team we have made it possible to either have a one or two step approval process. In the first step you can review description, screenshots or images and the result from the antivirus scanner. If you then fully approve the app it will be published to your App Store.

If you want more control you can add a second approval step where you download the app and install it for quality assurance check. If the app passes your requirements you can then fully approve it and publish it to your App Store.

Statistics and Business Analytics for developers

Developers can see statistics and analytics of their apps in the Developer Portal such as downloads, purchases and usage. They can also export the data for import into business intelligence tools.

Automated settlements and payouts

If you help developers sell apps and in app purchases, the system will handle settlements and payouts automatically.

Launch your own App Store now!

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