One portal, multiple app stores & subscription clubs with automatic payout

Appland provides an app store platform as a service, to mobile operators, connected device manufacturers, mobile commerce experts and content providers globally.  

Consumers in Pakistan, Mexico, Colombia, Oman, Indonesia, etc. are able to buy and subscribe to apps.

By submitting your apps to us, you get access to a growing number of app stores and subscription clubs globally. 

Developer portal

Local Partners Enables Local Marketing

Every market is unique. Price, message and concept need to be adjusted to fit the local flavour. Appland partner with operators, mobile commerce experts and retail locations to market and sell apps, app stores and app subscriptions clubs.

The partners invest in marketing to attract consumers and drive usage among the apps. For some regions the concept of internet is new and apps and app clubs are a good way to explain how internet can be of value to the consumer.

Appland help you as a content provider to reach markets and consumers that in the past would have been hard to reach.   

Our platform has many developer friendly features, among them:

• Easy content upload
• Automatic Payout
• Advanced statistics
• In-app billing through Open Platform Foundation’s SDK
• Subscription-enabling app wrapper

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