A successfull App Store is all about the customer. Follow our guide to customize your store towards your target customer.



Step 1

Enter your store on a mobile device

Your app store comes as a native Android app, iOS recommendation service and a web recommendation service that can be viewed on any device

Examples Appland third part white label app stores

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Step 2

Modify your store and add the apps you recommend

When you have finished trying out the end user experience, it is time to move on to control and management of the app store solution via the Store Manager Portal.

Log in to the Store Manager Portal.

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Step 3

Add apps to the store

Send your apps to us and we will upload them for you. With Google Play Crawler and iTunes Crawler you can easily add apps to your store that are available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Step 4

Review and Approve apps for your store

To be able to run an App Store with excellence, it's important to have a process for reviewing and approving apps, so that only quality apps that is targeting your customer segment gets published

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Step 5

Communicate with your App Store users - Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your users and promote new apps to drive installs and activity

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Step 6

Build campaigns to drive activity

Create your own campaigns to increase activity and retention rate among your users, offer a Premium App for free or a In-app Purchase for free.

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Step 7

Statistics - Get to know your user base

By analysing the behaviours of your users, you can understand them better

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Step 8

Manage and moderate App Store comments

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Step 9

Update your account information

Update your account information

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Learn more about our features

In the native App Store you can purchase a Premium App with demo billing, you can login with your Facebook account to transfer apps between devices and by entering your Web Store you can push an app to an device

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