Apps have changed our lives forever

Time spent in apps grew with 63% last year and have become an important part of our lives. Google Play and Apple App Store offers today over 1.6 million app titles, an amazing selection. Apps are on phones, Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes, tablets, connected vehicles, etc. The question is, how can you tap in to the App ecosystem with your customer base?

Create your own App Store

Appland’s White Label App Store platform helps you to create your own App Store where you can recommend, distribute and sell apps. The App Store Platform offers you a native Android Client, an iPhone recommendation service and a web service that is a responsive web page version of your App Store that can be viewed on any device.


Support for 7 different revenue streams

The App Store platform supports seven different monetization methods / revenue streams that can be set up in different combinations. We will help you understand which of the following methods are the best fit for your unique set up

  • Premium Purchases
  • In-App Purchases
  • Subscription
  • CPI Deals
  • Ads
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Branding and cross promotion


Content your users will love

Appland has teamed up with top developers and content providers globally, to bring your users the best content offering on the planet. Choose content from Appland’s general app catalog of 130,000 Android apps, bring your own content or do both to create a content offer your users will love. In addition, you can recommend any of the 1.6 million apps available in Google Play and Apple App Store with just two clicks.



Run your own Developer Platform

You can decide to either run your own branded developer community or to leverage from Appland’s general developer community. Developers and your partners can easily set up an account and then upload one or multiple apps. All apps are automatically scanned for malware like viruses, adware and riskware. Once an app is uploaded you can review and then approve or decline the app. When the app has been approved in your quality assurance process it will be published in your portal.

Easily update the content in minutes

It is easy to update your branded App Store. Add your apps, your partner’s apps, apps from Appland Developer Community or add any of the apps available at Google Play and Apple App Store. Simply log in to the web based management tool and type in the name of the app you want to be available for your customers. In less than a second the system will find the relevant app among the 1.6 million available. Click OK and the app will be added together with icon, images, description, etc. You don’t need to worry about updates. The platform crawls all major app stores every 24 hours and if a developer has changed anything your content will be updated automatically.

Great Insights about your user’s behavior

Utilize Appland’s Business Intelligence platform to gather great data and make the right business decisions. In the Appland back office you will be able to generate graphs to see end user retention, activity, downloads etc. The Appland team can help you create unique reports such as device activation heat maps where you see all activated devices on a global map. You can export the data and import it to your own business intelligence tools.


Pre-Install the App Store on your product

 No matter if you provide a phone, Smart TV, Set-Top-Box, tablet or a connected vehicle you can pre-install the App Store to help your customers find the relevant apps for your connected device. Be inspired by companies like Caterpillar and Silent Circle that have installed their branded App Store next to Google Play to help users find the apps that matters.




Payment Methods – increase conversion with one click payments

The third-party app store platform supports one click direct carrier billing via Fortumo in 95 countries, PayPal and worldwide credit card billing via Braintree. You decide which methods to use to bring you the highest conversion in your market.

Appland’s content team can do it all for you 

If you don’t have time to manage the content don´t worry. Appland’s content team can take care of it and will help you find the relevant apps and update your App Store as often as you like.  

Launch your own App Store now!

Launch your own white label app store

Quick Feature Overview

App Store Solution General Features

- Turnkey off-the-shelf solution
- Flexible configurations
- Stand-alone or part of a store owner community
- Developer community toolkit
- Cross platform (Android, iOS, PC/Mac, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Tizen, etc.)
- World-wide carrier billing
- World-wide credit card billing
- Large Content Portfolio available
- Crawlers for Google Play and Apple App Store
- Seven monetization methods available
- Store Operation Services available
- Fully Managed Service available
- Business Intelligence available
- Google Analytics Integration
- Highly scalable world-wide
- AWS + separate download servers

Consumer User Experience Features

- Any connected device: Smartphone, smart TV/STB, vehicles, wearables, etc. Internet of Things ready.
- Native Android Store (on-device-portal)
- Responsive web browser storefront.
- Subscription Clubs
- In-app billing
- Facebook friends’ apps
- Apps near me
- Redeem code / Virtual Currency

Store Manager Features

- Browser-based Portal to control store
- Role-based login accounts
- Content Management
- Start page configuration and population
- Manual Lists management
- Setup Campaigns
- Targeted push notifications
- User comment moderation
- Generate Virtual Currency
- Statistics, Analytics and data exports

Content Provider Features

- Browser-based portal to upload content
- Statistics
- Automatic Payouts
- Monetization tools (wrapper and SDK)