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Help your customers find the apps that matters

The customer is always in focus when we build new products and solutions. We think about what job the customer is divying to get done, the pains they have and the gains they are looking for. Google Play and Apple App Store offers today over 1.6 million app titles, an amazing selection that creates a pain for your customers. They don’t find the apps that really matters.

Launch your own App Discovery Portal

Appland’s App Store Platform helps you to launch your own App Discovery Portal where you can easily present curated and highly relevant apps that matters to your customers. The App Store Platform offers you a native Android Client, an iPhone recommendation service and a web service that is a responsive web page version of your App Discovery Portal that can be viewed on any device.
Secure Banking App Store Discovery Portal Platform

Pre-Install the App Discovery Portal on your product

No matter if you provide a phone, Smart TV, Set-Top-Box, tablet or a connected vehicle you can pre-install the App Discovery Portal to help your users find the relevant apps for your connected device. Be inspired by companies like Caterpillar, Silent Circle and Coolpad that have installed their branded App Discovery Portal next to Google Play to solve their customers app discovery pain.
Silent Circle Blackphone2 Branded App Discovery Portal

Add revenue streams   

Your branded App Discovery Portal supports multiple monetization methods such as: CPI (Cost Per Install) where you will be paid for app installations. FPS (Featured Position Sales) where you sell the space to promote apps on the front of your App Discovery Portal. Ad Networks where you earn revenue on clicks. Affiliate Programs where you are paid for app purchases in Apple App Store and finally the possibility to create a brand experience where you can cross-promote other products.

Easily update the content in minutes

It is easy to update your branded App Discovery Portal. Simply log in to the web based management tool and type in the name of the app you want to recommend. In less than a second the system will find the relevant app among the 1.6 million available. Click OK and the app will be added together with icon, images, description, etc. You don’t need to worry about updates. The platform crawls all major app stores every 24 hours and if a developer has changed anything your content will be updated automatically. Content for App Store Discovery Service Portal Platform

Appland’s content team can do it all for you

If you don’t have time to manage the content don´t worry. Appland’s content team can take care of it and will help you find the relevant apps and update your App Discovery Portal as often as you like.  

Statistics and Business Intelligence

In the Appland back office you will be able to generate graphs to see end user retention and activity, downloads, usage data, etc.

App Store Discovery Portal Platform

Launch your own App Discovery Portal now!

Build your App Discovery Portal in just a minute and experience for yourself how easy it as and the value you can deliver to your customers.

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