Add 3 great values to your offering

Competition is fierce if you are producing and selling any type of Android phone. To compete you need to focus on adding more value to stand out and attract more customers. Add three great value to your offering with Appland App Store Platform

Nr 1 - Add gains with app discovery

Finding apps in Google Play is a pain when you have a special interest. The 2 million app catalog makes it hard to find the gems that improve your device’s overall experience.

Boost the app experience
With your own App Discovery Portal you will help users to find the best apps that is perfect for them. Help your users with app recommendations from industry experts and deliver them an even more amazing experience of your product.

Result: Increased Sales

Nr 2 - Communicate with all your users

Let’s talk about highlights
The Appland platform helps you to communicate directly to all users via push messages without any type of registration. Push messages can direct the user to a web URL, a specific app and the App Store. Send out targeted messages like highlights in the App Store, events, product releases etc.

Target your message
You can segment your user base based on country, device model, etc. and send messages to that segment only. Engage your users and see how they react to each message in real time.

Result: Direct communication and cross promotionIn some Appland hosted stores over 30 % of users clicks on each push message.

Nr 3 - Get to know your users

The App Store collects data
Data is constantly collected by the App store and it gives you detailed information such as

  • New Store Users
  • User Activity, Per Day
  • Downloads
  • Active app Installs
  • Top Search Terms
  • User Retention
  • Device Models and Android Versions
  • Device Activations Per Country
  • Heatmaps

Truly understanding users is hard
You can do interviews, observations, focus groups etc. to better understand users. But nothing beats statistics from the entire user base.  

Data to create an even better offering
By better understanding your users you can create a better offering and deliver more value.

Result: Build a better offering

Heatmaps, location of Devices
The screenshots below are an example of how heatmaps can be delivered. The heatmaps displays locations reported by devices upon start of the App Store or first power on of device.

The value is that you understand where in the world the consumer activates the device the first time, as well as where they are located now.


Customer case – Caterpillar

App discovery for tough environments

CAT_phone_App_Store.pngExecutive Summary
Caterpillar wanted to create a better user experience and the solution was a niche App Store focused on construction workers and outdoor people. End user engagement is very high with push message that engages 30 % of the user base.

About Caterpillar
The world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

Caterpillar created a roughed phone for tough environments. They want to deliver a complete end user value proposition, including apps. 

Appland created a branded App Store Experience. Business Intelligence data helps Caterpillar to understand sales data and user activity.

Every push message engages 30 % of the entire user base.

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