Safe App Distribution to learners of all ages


580 million lessons

E-learning as a concept has become more and more important for all ages and professions. As an example the Khan Academy, a non-profit that provides free online materials and resources to support personalized education for learners of all ages, has delivered 580 million lessons and learners have completed over 3.8 billion exercises.

Another 2 billion people

In 2020 another 2 billion people will have access to a smartphone. That is double compared to today. Exciting and interesting projects are started globally to spread education via apps to the most rural areas of the planet.

Many solutions fail

Top reasons for failure

Not Adapted to Skill Level

Not trusted and adapted to the skills and experience of students and teachers

Not Adapted to Local Conditions

Not adapted to infrastructure, environment, social structures and economic conditions

Child Safety

Child safety not handled properly


Appland part of solution providing e-learning to 21,000 students in Myanmar

Only 54 % of secondary-school aged children are enrolled in schools in Myanmar. The objective with the project is to initiate change and implement quality education and support for Myanmar’s youth to reach their full potential. 31 schools are part of the project and involves 21,000 students. Click here to learn more about the project.


With E-Learning the Student Will



Reach advanced levels by self learning


Grow, evolve & be confident in their learning

Learn by Play

Learn by playing in a leisure zone, exploration & graphics makes it fun


Learn by collabo-ration with others

Safe App Distribution for e-Learning

Together with Finja 5, experts on social innovation, Appland delivers an e-learning platform that offers a safe and curated environment for children. The solution consists of:

  • Management possibilities - Manage tablets and users through admin portal

  • Safe Browser - Safe Internet experience for students

  • Daily school news - Story-of-the-day with information relevant to school day

  • Smart Classroom - Just the way everything is happening in a physical classroom — the smart classroom brings it online

  • Games and Creative Learning - High quality games and alternative learning tools designed to inspire

  • App Distribution - Students and teachers have access to educational apps chosen by specialists

  • School Library - Teachers can provide E-learning content and books to students Technical and Social Support

  • Advanced usage statistics

Key Features

Focus on Learning and Usability




User Interface

Intuitive user interface for students & teachers

Learning Apps

Carefully selected learning apps

Safe Internet

Child safe access to internet

E-Learning Results

Enable Students and Create Future Growth



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